Summer is far out, but it’s never too early to have a head start against the dreadful 104 degree temperatures. You should already be familiar with the perils of ultraviolet rays on our skin – after all, the media has been overwhelming us with horror stories on skin cancer for the better part of the last decade – and I know you don’t want to put your kids’ health at risk. Baby-soft skins are much easier to get irritated by UV rays than an adult’s skin, and a good degree of protection is a must. Here is where California Baby Sunscreen comes in – a truly great sun cream for your kids.

California Baby Sunscreen received quite a lot of attention from the media over the last few years and is officially supported by a series of well known Hollywood star moms – Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Katie Holmes and Courtney Cox to name a few. The organic compounds it’s made of won’t irritate your skin, nor cause any other side effects that are likely to occur every once in a while with competitors’ products. The non-invasive formula makes California Baby Sunscreen work for kids as well as adults with soft, sensitive skins. You are guaranteed to love it from the first moment you open the tube. The scent of aromatherapy blended with lemongrass is better than words can describe.

If you order a California Baby Sunscreen stick, don’t be put off by it being a little too firm and not as easy to apply as other products. You will get used to it in no time – a lot of testimonials confirm it. After you use it a few times you will learn that you don’t need another product.